Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I hire LexSwing for an event? 
LexSwing would LOVE to be a part of your event! Our team has experience providing ambiance dancers for themed parties and providing a beginner dance lesson at private events, corporate parties and benefit balls.


Please send us an email at with the following information about your event:
Name of Event
Date and Time of Event
Brief Description of how you want LexSwing to be a part of the event

When are classes?
LexSwing is proud to offer a beginner lesson every Monday at 7:15 pm and a beginner/intermediate lesson one Saturday every month. 

Stay up to date with information for classes either though our website or our facebook page.


What do I wear to LexSwing?
We recommend wearing comfortable clothes that easily allow movement. Our Monday night social dances are casual and informal, while our weekend events or events with live music tend to be more formal.  For shoes, we suggest shoes that have a hard leather, suede or smooth bottom such as dress shoes, Keds or jazz dance shoes.  We ask that you bring shoes that have either not been previously worn outside or simply just clean shoes so that we can continue to keep our dance floor clean and scratch free! 

When is the beginner lesson?
The Monday night beginner lessons are held every Monday night at 7:15pm. The lessons are held concurrently with the social dance.  We encourage you to arrive early to warm up and be ready to begin promptly at 7:15pm!


What is a dance punch card?
If you want to save yourself some money, go ahead and ask about a dance punch card when checking in! This is a card that rewards our return dancers so you pay $25 for 5 dances and get your 6th dance free! It saves you the trouble of making sure you have your cash or credit every week too.

Do I need a partner?
Nope! You can come to our weekly dances or lessons partner-free! LexSwing is a friendly environment and we encourage you to dance with everyone as this makes you a better dancer overall. However, the more the merrier and a partner can be helpful in practicing outside of LexSwing, so invite your friends! 

May I bring alcohol?

The venue for our weekly dances does not allow alcohol.

How can I get involved?
LexSwing is a community that thrives on volunteers helping to teach beginner lessons, help set up and break down the dances every week, DJ hourly sets, take photos and video and even sing/play instruments for live music dances! If you have the time and you want to see LexSwing continue to succeed, please let us know by emailing us at or contact a committee member at a dance or on Facebook for more information. 

What is LexSwing’s cancellation policy?
Our weather cancellation policy follows that of Fayette County public school policy. If school is cancelled due to weather on a Monday night, then our dance will be cancelled. For outstanding circumstances, such as bad weather on a holiday that falls on a Monday, the decision will be made by the committee and announced on our social media by noon. 

We do not host Monday night dances on Memorial Day or Labor Day.

How much does it cost?
If it’s your first time joining us, your admission to LexSwing’s Monday night dance and beginner lesson is FREE! Admission to our regular Monday night dance is $5 and it includes dancing from 7p-10p as well as a free 45 minute beginner lesson! 

Saturday Swing Camps are $25 for the whole day (usually 1 to 5pm) or $10 per hour if you are participating per hour.

LexSwing accepts cash, checks, and credit cards.

Can I take pictures?
We welcome taking pictures at our events. We also encourage you to post them to our community facebook page. Our only request is that you respect the wishes of those who do not want to have their picture taken.  

How do I contact the committee?

LexSwing's committee is comprised of 9 awesome folks! 

Email any of us at: or contact us here.